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Smart Building Technology

Reduce your energy costs and increase efficiency with intelligent building technology and commercial automation systems. It’s the smart way to run your Chandler, AZ area business. All systems--including lighting, motorized shades, audio/video components, heating, ventilation, networking, and more-- in the building can be monitored from one central location, even if you aren’t on the property. Create settings to easily open up in the morning and close in the evening, and help save energy in the process. Increase productivity by creating the right working ambiance. Plus, remote troubleshooting and diagnostics minimize any issues, downtime, and service costs.

HVAC Control


Intelligent control of cooling, heating, and ventilation allows you to easily and efficiently maintain an ideal temperature, no matter the season. Plus, you’ll save energy with settings that optimize your usage. Track your system to ensure that you aren’t blasting your AC unnecessarily. You can control and monitor your system from the same platform that you control all your other smart technologies for easy access. Comfort and energy savings is what HVAC control is all about.

Energy Management

Smart technologies allow you to maintain a comfortable environment while minimizing energy consumption.  Easily monitor your business’s energy usage and make the necessary adjustments to your water, gas, or electrical usage. Energy saving techniques include smart temperature presets and dimming your lighting when appropriate--many of these happen automatically! Your system will send you notifications for potential energy saving changes you could make. See the effects with estimated savings and a reduced carbon footprint. To help you gain a LEED certification, we work closely with contractors and architects throughout the project.



Media Control

Experience high-definition media content in your Phoenix, AZ area business. With smart media control, you can quickly and easily access HD audio and video content regardless of your choice of source. Create an interactive video display, watch live sports, screen a company video, listen to or watch a news program, provide background music to increase productivity or create the right ambiance and more at the touch of a button. Plus, with a professional installation and smart control, there will be no more equipment wires, or multiple remotes creating clutter in your business space.

Smart Security

Smart security keeps you in touch with your business and creates a safe space for your employees, customers, and assets. Using smart surveillance cameras allows you to keep an eye on things from within the facility and when you’re at home. Stream live video to your iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ device. At your business, you can watch many areas at once with your touch screen and video technology. While you’re away, you can still disarm the alarm to let in the cleaning company or employees, and reactivate it when they’re ready to leave. Integrated technology can further secure your property; for instance, lighting control can turn on lights if an intrusion is detected.

Connected Technology

When your Phoenix, AZ business’s smart devices and systems are connected, you gain extra flexibility, increased productivity, a higher level of customer satisfaction. We can help determine which technologies will be connected on your network, what will be wired and what will be wireless, and help keep it secure. Whatever the scope of your commercial networking system entails from HDTV, IPTV, security, lights, VoIP phones, media servers and your control system. For everything to work great all the time, you need a reliable, easy-to-use, and secure network.



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