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The Strength of Simplicity

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How Do We Take Back Control?


Technology is such a dynamic piece of the world we live in today. With all of the devices available on the market how do we select the right ones? How can we manage to integrate the right devices to make our environment better? 

What You Need to Know About Securing Your Smart Home

Is Your Home Secure?

What You Need to Know About Securing Your Smart Home

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety there are more than 26,000 burglaries each year. That is nearly 72 burglaries each day putting not only your valuables at risk, but your family as well. Statically speaking, there is a murder happening in our city every other day. These statistics are recorded to have happened in Maricopa County, AZ during 2014 but are pretty accurate numbers across any major city in the United States still today. Now I have to ask, is your home secure enough?