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The Strength of Simplicity



Soundbars came out of nowhere and have dominated the home AV market. They are the fastest growing type of speaker with multiple woofers and tweeters in one long, slender enclosure designed to sit below a flat-panel TV. Some soundbars are self-contained; some have separate subs and surround speakers. The combination of thin-sounding flat-panel TVs and consumers looking for a simple solution that doesn’t require much wiring were all it took for the new style of speaker to gain a foothold.
Our Artisan team in Scottsdale compiled a list of our Top soundbars to help you decide.

Paradigm Soundscape Soundbar

The soundbar is a slim, rounded-shouldered design. It is on-wall or self/tabletop mounting. It has four 4-inch mineral-filled polypropylene cone woofers and three 1-inch satin-anodized pure-aluminum dome tweeters. Everything is divided up into three sections (L/C/R) within the cabinet for a wider sound field with better clarity. The secret is the DSP-based amplifier, which promises to deliver deep bass to all four of those woofers, making the subwoofer more of an option than a necessity.

Leon Horizon OTO Soundbar

The sleek soundbar features a new, enhanced audio platform, pairing 3” aluminum cone woofers with cloth-dome tweeters to offer uncompromising, focused sound reproduction. The rear-ported design allows the speaker to develop impressive bass response down to 70Hz, unprecedented for the size of its enclosure.

Snap AV Soundbars

The slim design of Episode 300 Series and 500 Series 3-Channel Passive Soundbars, pair perfectly with 46 inch. and larger flat panel TVs. They deliver a robust and high-quality sound that doesn’t clutter the wall with a bunch of speakers. The 300 series is 2.75” deep and has three independent speakers in one.
The 500 series feature a thin aluminum cabinet with 4 inch. drivers and 1 inch titanium tweeters.

James Soundbars

All three series are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and feature James designed proprietary transducers to get maximum performance from each size. The original PL3 Series are 4″ tall and 4″ deep for deeper displays. The new SPL3 Series is also 4″ tall, but only 1.5″ deep for the latest LED displays. The new SPL6 Series provides high output for large displays from an 8″ tall design at only 2.75″ deep.
All models are custom manufactured to match the display width and can be ordered in a custom finish if needed.

Artison Sounbars

They are known for their high performance and being the most accurate speakers. The extruded aluminum enclosure is extremely rigid yet their slim profiles integrate with the thinnest displays. Proprietary carbon fiber woofer/midranges, Vifa XT super audio tweeters and side firing stage tweeters combine the audio and video in a way that can only be described as one Total Involvement Experience. Designer grilles are custom made to match the width of the set making the speaker a seamless part of the television.

Contact us today and let the Artisan team in Scottsdale help you figure out what will work best for you.